5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an SEO Expert for Your Company

26 Sep 22 | Digital Marketing, Xum News

Hiring an SEO expert has become very common and essential in companies from different sectors. Any company that wants to sell its products or services through the internet must be well positioned and know what content to publish and how to publish it. This will help Google value your business and boost it in the top 10 results, which is quite a difficult task.

Google robots or spiders are constantly reading hundreds of thousands of pages with a very similar theme. There is more and more competition and all the duplicities and products that do not differentiate well through their search intent will perish and very few people will reach them. But, luckily, someone who is experienced in online positioning knows the ins and outs of the main search engine and will always know how to use them to their advantage.

If you still do not believe that having an SEO in your marketing team is important, here are 5 reasons why you should hire a Sacramento SEO Agency for your company.

Reasons to hire an SEO expert

Helps improve and redirect the marketing of a company

Organic positioning in Google is not only based on numbers and automatic techniques. Over time, search engines have been reinventing themselves and learning to be more natural and take into account the intentions of those who search according to what things. Before, for example, it was easy to fool Google with the excessive use of keywords. However, Google was focusing on a behavior that sanctioned content that lacked value and that it tried to position in an illegitimate way (without user support).

Having said this, it should be understood that SEO focuses on giving the user what they are looking for as a person and not as a robot, to try to please Google. To position you need to be more natural and take into account what content is the most appropriate for the company and for our target audience. In addition, it is also necessary to know the intentions of the person who is looking for x things. In addition, you can advise on the type of target audience we should target.

Therefore, SEO can help optimize brand content and improve its quality significantly.

Improve the structure of our website

Since SEO knows the user’s intentions and knows how to drive traffic to our website, what less than knowing how to keep potential customers?

The flow of positioning and internal dominance of a website is known as On-page SEO . The SEO expert knows that in order to position himself, he must create an attractive website that meets the needs of users. For this reason, he has many advantages over the appropriate architecture for each type of business and knows how to optimally distribute information. In this way, he manages to elevate any web page without much difficulty, be it services, corporate or online store.

Continuously tracks updates from Google

Unlike any other marketer, a good SEO is constantly waiting for updates from Google to use them in their favour as soon as possible. There are even many SEOs who can foresee what changes will be due to their great experience and professionalism (they end up looking too much like Google). These characteristics of an SEO Company in Santa Clara can help give you an edge over the competition, long before you start to see changes. Also, the company will know what it needs to adapt to the demands of the new average user.

Create better cohesion within the department

By having a more technical vision of the aspirations and needs of the target audience, the seo expert acts as the skeleton of the marketing team when creating websites and even SEM ads. This makes them more diligent and advises the rest of their colleagues to adapt to a UX/UI design that is more in line with what the target user demands. Therefore, the role of SEO is important in all aspects.

Capture growth opportunities faster

By constantly reviewing web metrics with Google Analytics and Google Ads, you not only see and understand where web design fails, but thanks to Google Ads you can recommend new growing keywords that lead to higher profitability and customer acquisition. leads. He knows at all times what new content can be adapted to the new parameters of Google and will not hesitate to innovate together with the company.