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4 Jan 23 | Graphic Design Agency

Graphic design agency in San Francisco: First, let us understand what graphic design is. According to AIGA – American Institute of Graphic Arts, this definition of graphic design is “the art and preparation of development and prominent ideas and experiences with photographic and written content”, which is known as graphic design.

In simple words, graphic design is the art of communication via visual images and text.

Graphic designers are experts that use various tools like photo editing software, layout software, and digital illustration to create a design. The selection of colors, images, and text convey a message or, say, the company’s brand name.

It is the responsibility of the graphic designers to present the design to the official authorities. Discuss the same with other clients and officials if need be and get the changes done if recommended.

A graphic design agency in San Francisco also allows learning graphic design through in-house experts. We always believe in growing together; thus–house training is also given on weekends to all the freshers who want to make their career in graphic design.

Also, all necessary tools are available to ensure smooth and faster learning. Mostly two skills are required to become a get graphic designer, i.e., learning skills and secondly creative thinking. Thus, to become a great graphic designer, if a person has the above two skills, it becomes easier to move ahead as a graphic designer.

XUM Digital also gives internship facilities to freshers in graphic design. So, we can now understand the importance of a graphic designer at a Graphic design agency in San Francisco. They have a team of experts working as graphic designers and have an average experience ranging between 8-10 years.

With this skill set of experienced people, I am sure everyone would feel safe in their work. Along with the years of experience, they have also designed more than a hundred plus designs individually, increasing the confidence in the design deliveries.

For every client-related delivery, the team is fully equipped and always actively delivering the best design. In addition, our graphic designers have experience in providing any design may it be like:

Product Design: At XUM Digital, specified product designers use their creative powers to research, design and develop new products or as per the client’s requirement.

Branding Design: Every design must be unique to ensure or gather attention. And when any design is created for branding purposes, that has to be a special and unique design.

Website Design: Our designs are said to be intellectual regarding website design.

Print Design: The print design examples would be visiting cards, flyers, magazines and posters.

There are many more kinds of design types. However, one can be assured about the graphic design if, in a contract with XUM Digital, the designs would be unique and exceptionally good in terms of presentation.

Branding agency in Sacramento: Let us understand first what branding is, so branding is a process of creating a unique identity for a business in the mind of the target audience and customers. In simple words, branding is a company logo or design used by the company for its promotion.

Branding is vital for a company to grow from scratch and achieve its business dreams. Because branding is that image or text which is the first impression to anyone seeing it for the first time, it also allows the customer to know what is expected from the company. And that is what we, the Branding agency in Sacramento,make our clients feel the same.

When the client approaches the Branding agency in Sacramento for branding purposes, they are the ones who would take complete ownership in terms of getting the branding done for you and your brand, as per the discussions.

At XUM Digital, they are always in the sink with the key principles of branding:

  • Brand Identity: The first initial step creates an important connection between the customer and the brand itself and is what gets recognized.
  • Brand Meaning: It is the communication of the brand message via the brand logo or brand icon. Which helps in communicating the brand message to the customers directly
  • Brand Response: The brand response is similar because of the brand logo and marketing.
  • Brand Relationship: With the increased brand marketing, the brand relationship also increases, thus increasing the brand relationship.

Before there is a final output of the branding, the below stages of brand identity are to be done:

Research:  This phase completely gathers information about the brand project. And also involves a lot of analysis regarding the business type, industry type, target audience and many other factors.

Strategy: To compile all the information available through the research done in various domains for the product’s branding.

Design: The initial to final design layout is to be done to the product’s branding. A specific set of designer experts would sit together to finalize the design.

And keep on doing changes till satisfaction is developed.


Finally, the implementation is done wherein the execution of all the collected information regarding the brand name is publicized. Efforts are made to see that the branding is done well so that the branding is done and results are seen the same.

Below mentioned are a few of the benefits of getting branding facility done from XUM Digital:

  • Helps increase brand recognition with its perfect design and logo.
  • Improves customer loyalty towards the brand.
  • Does mouth publicity with positive words also increase the brand’s faith?
  • Does effective advertising on customers.
  • The team is always engaged in the client’s goal to make the brand popular among others.

So, now that you know the benefits and how to use the graphics, choose the best brand. Please feel free to share your insights regarding the discussion below in the comment section.