Branding & identity

Branding Allows You to be Different

Branding Allows You to be Different while staying the same

Branding is like an invisible string that connects every aspect of your business. Branding allows you to grow, to use different designs, but remain the same. It creates a flow, a form, a template that makes your identity complete. Instead of just using your logo on everything and calling it “branded,” we look at the sets of values and elements contained in your logo. If you don’t have a logo yet, we can design it for you! We look at your colors, fonts, lines, shapes, and styles. We look at your company’s voice and its purpose, its audience, and growth potential. Sometimes, we recommend rebranding, which typically keeps the essence of your brand and moves it into a more modern concept. Rebranding to a more brand-new concept can be a positive move. It confirms how strong your brand/company is for being in business for so long.

Branding represents who you are and what your purpose is. Branding is your Identity.

We look at your business as a whole. We create a set of designs to give a voice to every aspect of what you do.

Your branding elements should project the excellence you put into your work. Every brochure created, every business card handed out, every view on your website should establish and further reinforce your identity as a business.

This is how we build a strong identity

ENTE Connecting Energies
Sorie de Centroamérica S.A.
Avenida 7

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Give your audience a reason to believe in you

Steps to building a successful brand:


Define how you want to be perceived.


Organize your business based on this perception or promise.


Communicate your perception or promise.


Be consistent.

Where will you show your new brand identity?

In my website

I want a website using my new business branding.

I want a new website

In my social media

My new branding in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and all other platforms.

I need social media management

In printed materiales

Branded business cards, flyers, billboards, and in my company vehicles.

I need print designs

The right Branding is the key

Of all the factors that contribute to your business success, branding your identity is perhaps the one that can make the biggest difference. As a Branding Agency, , we understand that a proper brand identity can take an otherwise unimpressive product and allow it to experience modest success. It can elevate an average product to achieve a cut above the competition and it can bring a great product the attention it truly deserves. Improper business branding, on the other hand, can absolutely destroy an excellent product, eliminating the possibility of real sales success.

Whether you are just starting a new business or looking to revitalize an old one, brand marketing can be the factor that completely transforms your company’s outlook. Before rushing forward to re-brand based on something you might have seen a competitor do, it is important to take a moment and consider everything at play. To begin with, you may want the expertise of a company to help you on this journey.


Today’s consumers are flooded with ads. From major brands to indie brands to startup companies, consumers are exposed to over 370 ads per day on average! With the inundation of brands and companies asking you to purchase their products or services, we want your brand to compete within this huge pool of companies and emerge a brand that stands out among the others. We know your brand is special, and we want to make consumers remember your brand in the way you want them to remember it through effective digital branding techniques and a superior digital branding campaign. The goal isn’t just for your brand to stand out from the crowd, but to lead the crowd as the top brand in your industry. Our team will guide you through developing your brand, describing the look and feel of your company, and communicating your brand to the digital world.


Our goal at Xum Digital Marketing is to generate the highest return on investment for your company. An effective way to do this is by building up a strong digital branding strategy and campaign. We want our digital branding techniques and strategies to drive consumers to your brand and create a lasting brand image in the minds of your customers and beyond. Not only will more consumers remember your brand, but you will also have an army of loyal consumers who will spread the news of your brand within their own social circles and networks and continue to grow your brand for you. Furthermore, by building up a great reputation and corporate image for your company, your company can create a strong foundation for trust and successful interactions with your customers in the future. On top of all this, when more and more people recognize your brand, it further legitimizes your brand and its dominance in the consumer world.